Shirley Ruggiero's art originated in textiles and needlework followed by an academic training in fine
arts, drawing, and painting. She often combines painting with textiles, embellishing, manipulating
materials and adding found objects. Much of her work focuses on themes that are important to her
such as nature, environment, sea life, country life, and still life with textiles. She has exhibited at
solo and group shows throughout New Jersey and New York, winning awards. For information about
paintings or exhibits, e-mail her at dcalabash@aol.com or phone 973-853-5283

What's A Picnic Without Bees?
Geese in the Lake Watercolor

Sewing Room Watercolor Jewels of the Sea Textiles and Embellishments






Below the Surface Textile and Round Objects Images of the Jersey Shore Textiles and Beadwork

Country Chickens Watercolor and Pieced, Quilted Mat


Fruit Bowl on Quilt


Winter in the Country Watercolor

Denizens of the Deep Watercolor

Summer Harvest on Quilt Watercolor Denizens of the Deep II Watercolor

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To contact us:

Shirley Ruggiero
32 Clayton Road
Hewitt, NJ 07421

Email: dcalabash@aol.com