Children's Quilts and Gifts

Here are just some quilts we make for children - baby quilts, reading quilts, cuddle quilts. Contact us for current availability or to request a custom design. Fun preprint quilts start at $30 and pieced quilts start at $55. All are machine quilted and washable.

"Bear Baby" Quilt

Reversible - blue, yellow, and white flannel one-patch squares make one side so soft and cuddly and the reverse shows a big teddy bear appliqued on a yellow gingham background.  Bear Baby Quilt is 37 x 48 inches and is machine pieced and quilted. Other colors available.


I Spy

What a great gift for 1-10 year olds.  Helps to increase their vocabulary while having fun searching for pictures.  Children enjoy playing this game alone or with friends.  Very colorful to hang in a child's room or use as a couch cuddler.  Preprinted and machine quilted.  34x43 inches.

"Backyard Pals"

This preprinted machine quilted cuddler shows two friends sharing the backyard standing by the garden gate and swinging.  The quilt is 38 x 40 inches, deep blue, deep red, and beige and machine quilted.

"Calabash Signature Kids Quilt"

A deep red, blue and beige preprinted, machine quilted cuddler for children  showing rag dolls in various poses.  It is 32 x 33 inches and is a happy quilt for the special child to use.  Sure to become an heirloom!

Lucie (or Louie) Toofie, the Tooth Fairies

Each one is a tooth-shaped gingham 10 inch tooth fairy pillow that is holding a tooth-brush and veggies, and gives advice to children - "Hi, I'm Lucie (or Louie) Toofie, put your tooth in my pocket, eat your veggies and please, remember to brush."  It can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall.  Order in pink, blue, yellow, green, or red gingham.  A true motivator!

Tooth Fairy Pillowcase

Unique! A dental print with cheery teeth and toothbrushes and a tiny pocket for the tooth! It has a solid band that can be hand-embroidered with the child's name at no extra charge. The pillowcase is 22 X 30 inches and fits a standard size pillow. $12.

Theme Pillowcases

One of kind gifts for children or adults. Choose a favorite color band that is hand-embroidered and personalized and you've got a gift that is both useful and unique. Size is 22 X 30 inches and fits a standard size pillow. LOOK AT SOME OF THE SAMPLES. $12. 


One of a kind, personalized free!! Themed prints, patchwork, backing of terry, chenile, or gingham - every one different but every one special, all handmade of the finest washable materials, lightly padded and held closed with velcro. Fits 5 months to toddlers. CHECK OUT THESE SAMPLES. $6 and up depending upon design.

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