If you are looking for handcrafted gifts or vintage linens, you've found the place!  We have an amazing array of cloth dolls, quilted wall hangings, couch cuddlers, children's quilts, and accessories for home and personal use.  With a commitment to preserving the environment, many crafts are made from recycled chenille, antique quilts, and vintage textiles that simply have been loved for too many years.  We carefully cut around the problems to create beautiful gifts.   Other crafts are made with the finest new materials available.   

Rag Dolls

The finest selection of hand made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, as well as Calabash Clowns, and Country Girl dolls.


Quilts and Wall Hangings

Must be seen to be believed!  These handmade quilts are heirloom quality to be enjoyed for generations.
Custom orders always available.

Vintage Linens and Vintage Linen Crafts

Doilies, antimacassars, and (of course!) quilts from the quaint Victorian era. Kitchen linens from the nostalgic 1930's to 1970's.   Romantic fabrics and textures waiting to be seen.

Home and Personal Gifts

Handmade gifts for everyone in the house--from the cook to the children!  Come see our unique gift ideas.  All can be customized for any occasion.

Children's Quilts and Gifts

From kid sized quilts to the unique Lucy Toofie tooth fairy gifts sure to please any child.

Check out the latest addition to the site
Wool Art Designs!

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