Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

As always, these dolls are hand made from start to finish, always in Dusty Calabash's store and made to order.  Custom orders available.  Made since 1975, these are our most popular rag doll--loved by multiple generations.  Go ahead--have it personalized or embroidered!!


These Calabash Kids are traditional cloth dolls very much like the original, much-loved Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.   The girl is wearing a blue calico dress, white apron with ric-rac trim and white panties.  The boy is wearing a red gingham shirt, blue pants and white and blue hat.   They come in Caucasian with light skin and bright red hair or African-American with brown skin and black hair.   Dusty Calabash will make the clothes in other colors upon request.

RAGGEDY GIRL AND RAGGEDY BOY are available in five sizes. 

DRG - girl  DRB  - boy

DRG10 or DRB10 - 10 inch - $17.00 
DRG15 or DRB15 - 15 inch - $22.00 
DRG20 or DRB20 - 20 inch - $27.00
DRG25 or DRB25 - 25 inch  -$38.00
DRG36 or DRB36 - 36 inch - $55.00   


This is a Calabash hand made exclusive!!!

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At Dusty Calabash, we pride ourselves on the custom.  Here is our Irish Raggedy Ann and Andy.  All cultures, races, religions can be done.  Call or email with special orders or questions.